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Information Technologies Management

Many businesses today do their jobs easier, more reliable and more efficient with the computer systems. Using Information Technologies will always add value to your business. Your devices connect to each other easily with wired and wireless networks, keep all your important files on servers without risking extinction, connect your company to wherever you are in the world, provide a reliable and secured communication between remote offices, to get cost-effective and reliable enterprise services with cloud technology, put rules on your IT systems and monitor internet usage of employees in the workplace and record their usage and for many similar enterprise solutions our company offers you the most reasonable and professional solution. 

Security Systems

Nowadays, with the governor's decisions to use of security systems in public places and work places has become compulsory. The efficiency of your business is enhanced by the security systems in your company. Your eyes and ears that camera and alarm systems can protect you against malicious people, you can keep control of staff and business more efficiently. You can monitor and control your systems with your smart device. With a wide range of security systems, our company offers professional solutions according to every customer's reasonable and needs.

Enterprise Selling & Technical Service

We provide OEM and branded products with the best prices with after sales support with the slogan "Get Computer or Parts From Computer Professionals". Do you think technicial knowledge and experience could be equal that store sells almost all home appliances with us? We solve your problems with our professional and experienced team on-site or in our workplace.  With computer maintenance agreements we ensure that your computers are constantly protected and uninterrupted operation.

Smart Pass & Tracking Systems

With smart pass and tracking systems, you can add value to your business every time. By using barcode systems, you can track the products in your workplace with fastest way and reduce the leakage loss rate to minimum levels. With fingerprint and card systems, you can track your workers in the most efficient way, you can arrange the medium access permissions as you like and maximize security. With our powerful software solution partners, we provide the most reasonable solutions to our customers at the enterprise and professional level.